The Start of The New Normal

The New Normal

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus. It began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, because of the said pandemic, we are all experiencing NEW NORMAL that affects all of our lives.

For all our dear applicants who is looking for a job, come visit us with our office and follow our New Normal Hiring Procedures:
2. Stay at the Entrance and wait for the staff to accompany you
3. Temperature Check
4. Applicants should fill up the following information in the log book
5. Sanitize your Hand and Shoes
6. Observe Physical Distancing ALL THE TIME
7. Avoid touching things around you
8. Do not borrow office items
9. Bring your own ballpen
10. Practice constant hand hygiene and proper cough etiquette
11. Perform regular disinfection of frequently held items

1. Face mask must be worn ALL THE TIME and remove only when eating or drinking
2. Temperature Check
3. ALWAYS observe Physical Distancing when assisting employees/applicants or talking to a co workers (1 meter distance)
4. Safety And Nurses that are assisting a patient should wear PPE, Gloves, Face shield and Mask to prevent physical contact
5. Avoid using or borrowing co-worker’s stuff
6. Frequently handled objects shall be cleaned or disinfect regularly or at least every 2 hours

The COVID-19 taught us all different things, but for almost all of us it has shown than we can quickly change our daily routines. NATCORP CAREER GROWTH AND MANPOWER SERVICES INC., still manages to give you the same service that you can experience even with this ongoing pandemic.

NatCorp Career Growth and Manpower Services Inc
Bataan Office Address:New Hermosa Public Market, Brgy. Palihan , Hermosa, Bataan beside Gobstopper convenience store and front of Jollibee Hermosa.
Contact numbers(Applicants):0950-054-4383/0917-709-0443
Contact numbers(Employees):0935-039-6767/0912-964-4130
Facebook page:Natcorp Hermosa Branch
Messenger:Facebook Messenger

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