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We are a young, energetic and experienced company with advanced expertise in human resources management and dispatch. We continuously train employees to receive appropriate training and provide top quality work and responsibility awareness. Supply of human resources with high motivation We aim to mutual growth and improvement, always sincerity, build relationships with customers based on mutual trust and respect with customers. We also offer employees benefits worth more than industry standards. Through our work, I think that they will be able to do what they have not been able to do so far, and that I want them to be confident more than becoming more attractive. We are pleased if our employees are satisfied.

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RecruiterApril Hope Barbero

Hi everyone! I'm April Hope Barbero

I’m currently working at NATCORP Career Growth & Manpower Services Inc. assigned at SPWS as a Human Resources Recruiter. My job is to provide opportunities to work who people looking for job. If you wanna work we can provide good opportunities for you. We are looking for someone who can work in our company, so motivated people are always welcome. If you wanna buy something you need money. So let's working. For you, for your family, for your lover, whatever the reason, we respect the will to work. Of course it's hard to do the job, but your life will lead to a better way by working. I promise it. Because our team is always happy due to they have work.

I'm an expert in recruitment.

You can ask me anything if you don't understand about work and some problems. I'm always staying in the Recruitment office. Sometimes I won't be there. But some staff will be there. If you are looking for work, please come to the our office or contact us by phone or email. And you can submit by this website. Kindly see application form. We will get back to you soon. We also have an official Facebook page. So you can message us anytime. don't be afraid to work. It's not easy but good for you. You can grow up after your work. Your life will surely be more fun if you do your work. I also love to work myself. I hope you will be same me.

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