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We are a young, energetic and experienced company with advanced expertise in human resources management and dispatch. We continuously train employees to receive appropriate training and provide top quality work and responsibility awareness. Supply of human resources with high motivation We aim to mutual growth and improvement, always sincerity, build relationships with customers based on mutual trust and respect with customers. We also offer employees benefits worth more than industry standards. Through our work, I think that they will be able to do what they have not been able to do so far, and that I want them to be confident more than becoming more attractive. We are pleased if our employees are satisfied.

Bubbly but tough.

Admin AssistanceMaica Sagum

Hi! I am Maica Sagum

As a Admin Assistance I have a duty and responsibility to be bubbly yet tough. I need to be bubbly for me to look more approachable because I will be working with different types of person and being bubbly will help me be with them at ease easily. I needed also to be tough for I am implementing some rules and regulations concerning about employee’s concern. As part of my job, I am monitoring the attendance of the employees and QA. I am also in charge in deployment of trainees. I coordinate with RECRUITMENT TEAM the actual headcount of the trainees to be deployed. I personally monitor their absence and talk to them and ask why and coordinate it to the SPWS Training Staff.

I am so inlove with the job!

I'm also in charge of preparing the daily attendance and submitting it to the SPWS HR Timekeeping. I'm so inlove with the job that I have for it fits to my lifestyle and habits. I'm also in charge for receiving the resignation letter of employees and arrange an exit interview with them and help them accomplish their clearances. For me as a coordinator we need to have patience that will last long. It might consume all your kindness in some ways but still it's a fulfilling job that you might wanna experience. In short, being a coordinator needs you to be more determined than any other. In so many ways you will find yourself smiling while doing and accomplishing task

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