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We are a young, energetic and experienced company with advanced expertise in human resources management and dispatch. We continuously train employees to receive appropriate training and provide top quality work and responsibility awareness. Supply of human resources with high motivation We aim to mutual growth and improvement, always sincerity, build relationships with customers based on mutual trust and respect with customers. We also offer employees benefits worth more than industry standards. Through our work, I think that they will be able to do what they have not been able to do so far, and that I want them to be confident more than becoming more attractive. We are pleased if our employees are satisfied.

Hi! My name is Mikee Villablanca

Your friendly teammate. I’m currently working at NATCORP Career Growth & Manpower Services Inc. assigned at SPWS as a Human Resources Compensation & Benefits. As we all know Compensation & Benefits are in charge of many diverse activities, that’s why we can frequently make a shift from one area to another. Handling tons of concerns from employees with different types of personality is part of my everyday work life and it really takes a lot of patience. That’s why one of the most important thing I’ve learned is that ‘’Patience is a must’’.

Always put yourself in the employees' shoes since empathy has always been a crucial part of human resource.

We all know that we can't please the entire employee. I’ve learned that the key to handle them is to establish rapport and communicate in a more relaxed and earnest way. And for every complaints and concerns I should always be a good listener in order to see the bigger picture and respond to it accordingly. As for my job, I communicate to SSS office, Philhealth office and Pag-ibig office. And Compensation & Benefits of our employees.

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